2017 Pairings

Restaurant Producer Winery
Westin Hotel Doef’s Greenhouses Synchromesh
XIX Greener Pastures Osoyoos Larose
The Glass Monkey Four Whistle Farms Henry Of Pelham
The Marc Sunworks Farms Dirty Laundry
Delta Edmonton South Sylvan Star Red Rooster
Marriott Rivier Cree Alberta Pulses Sperling Vineyards
Red Ox Inn Natures Green Acres Daydreamer Wines
Royal Glenora Club Winding Road Cheese Church and State
Matrix Hotel AB Bison Ranch Culmina
Vivo Gull Valley Tomato Sandhill
Workshop Eatery Irvings Farm Fresh Misson Hill
Cilantro and Chive Reclaim Urban Farm Eau Claire Distillery
Zinc Tangle Ridge Ranch D’Angelo Estate
Three Boars/Wishbone Mo-na Foods Blindman Brewery
Almanac Beanstalk Honey Grey Owl Meadery


Alley Kat Brewery Ribstone Creek Brewery

2016 Pairings

Restaurant Producer Winery
Zinc Sunworks Farms (Chicken) Summerhill Pyramid Winery
Royal Glenora Club Nature’s Green Acres (Pork/Nouveau Beef) Bartier Bros.
Workshop Eatery Sylvan Star Cheese (Gouda/Gruyere) Th Wines
Cilantro and Chive Bryconn Dev. Inc (Quail) Yukon Brewing
4404 (Delta Edmonton South) Irvings Farm Fresh (Pork) Conviction
The Marc Country Accent (Pork) Culmina Wines
Noorish Reclaim Urban Farm (Produce) Henry Of Pelham
The Common Doef’s Greenhouses (Produce) Blindman Brewing
XIX Nineteen Stoney Creek Farm (Rabbit, Some Produce) Tinhorn Creek
The Glass Monkey Alberta Bison Ranch (Bison) Cedar Creek
Vivo Tangle Ridge Ranch (Lamb) Sandhill
Pampa Brazilian Steakhouse Greener Pastures (Pork) Mission Hill
Get Cooking Mo-Na Foods 50th Parallel
Share Restaurant-The Westin Four Whistle Farms (Meat Galore) C.C. Jentsch
Edmonton Marriott at The River Cree Gull Valley Greehouses (Produce) Red Rooster
Red Ox Inn Rock Ridge Dairy Alley Kat Beer